České Budějovice (Budweis)

České Budějovice is the largest city in the South Bohemian region and its political and commercial capital. It is in the valley of the Vltava river, at its confluence with the Malše river.

The city was founded in 1265 by king Přemysl Otakar II. as a platform of the king’s power in South Bohemia and to counterbalance the powerful noble House of Rosenberg.

In 1762 the Piarists established a gymnasium here and Emperor Joseph II. founded the diocese in 1785. In 1847, the production of Koh-i-Noor Hardtmuth pencils was relocated from Vienna to Budějovice.

Budějovice has long been well known for the beer brewed there since the 13th century. The largest brewery, founded in 1895, is "Pivovar Budějovický Budvar" (Budweiser Budvar Brewery). Older, founded in 1795, is a town brewery "Pivovar Samson".

The old town preserves interesting architecture from the GothicRenaissanceBaroque, and 19th century periods. This includes buildings around the square of Přemysl Otakar II., the old city hall with murals and bronze gargoyles, and the 16th century Black Tower (Černá věž). The most valuable historic building in České Budějovice is the Dominican convent with the Gothic Presentation of the Virgin Mary church from the 13th century. The Iron Maiden Tower and the Rabenštejn Tower are a 14th-century former prisons and one of the few remainings of the Old Town's Gothic fortifications.



How to get there

By train

From the airport in Prague, take the bus "airport express" that goes directly to the railway station. The bus leaves from the airport every 30 minutes. Bus station is just in front of the arrival hall. You will buy the ticket at the driver for 60 CZK. At the railway station, follow blue information tables where information in English is. Train ticket to České Budějovice should cost ca 170 CZK. It is also possible to pay by card, but it is necessary to say it in advance. The train leaves almost every hour.

By bus

You can use the Regio jet agency bus to travel from Prague to České Budějovice. But it is necessary to have a reservation of the seat. The direct bus departures from "Na Knizeci" bus station, which is located at the yellow line (B) of Prague Metro, station Anděl.

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You can also fly to Vienna airport. From Vienna you can take the train to České Budějovice or use the shuttle.

You can check for the best bus and train connections at this link.



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