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  • Clarion Congress Hotel České Budějovice, Czech Republic
  • 13 - 17 June 2022
  • Abstract Submission opens on 15 September 2021

19th Conference of the International Workgroup for Palaeoethnobotany

Dear friends, dear guests,

It is an honour and pleasure to invite you to the 19th Conference of the International Work Group for Palaeoethnobotany (IWGP) which will be held in  České Budějovice (Budweis in German), the capital of South Bohemia region and centre of academic life.

We are honoured to welcome you to the city founded by the Bohemian King Přemysl Otakar II in 1265 on the confluence of the Rivers Malše and Vltava (Moldau). The historic centre of the city offers beautiful scenery, inviting for walks and visits nice historical monuments. The city is world-famous for Budweiser beer, but also for the production of quality Kooh-i-Noor pencils.

IWGP in České Budějovice will offer the results of archaeobotanical research on a global scale at a time that is characterized in our field as a time of integration of many special methods and collaborating disciplines. You are very welcome at this conference and in our university city. We firmly hope that we will continue the rich tradition of our field and that we will meet in good health on scientific topics and in a friendly atmosphere.

Jaromír Beneš
Conference Organiser
Michaela Ptáková
Scientific Secretary